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Matuokayama Tokeiji temple: The temple for women bringing estrangement on their partoners.



Mountain Nickname which was added on a temple's own name is Matuokayama. The correct name of this temple is " Toukei souji Zen Temple: 東慶総持禅寺." "Souji: 総持 " was a translated word from " Daharani: 陀羅尼 " in Sanakrit idiom meaning every word to have been memorized in a buddhist. In this case, however, " 尼 " means Sister or Nun, so " Souji " had probably been added to put on a meaning of the Nunnery of the Zen temple refrected the Nun disciple of " the Buddehist priest Bodhidharma: 達磨大師 " who founded the Zen.






This temple name had been written on the name board which is handed down as written by the Gouta Emperor in 13C, the kamakura age, the Kan-ei period as the name of Japanese era. According to the book named " Tamafune Autobiography in the Kamakura " written by the buddist priest named "Tamafune, " the note says " There is the Temple Gate, and the name board with the Toukei souji zen temple." In Kan-ei period, there was the Temple Gate, and this board might have been set up on the gate.




Long names as " Kenchoukoukoku - Zen Temple, " or " Enkakukousei - Zen Temple, " those showed its high gread in temples. In old days, as an independent nunnery, this temple had been one of the five high grade Zen temples.

Then, in Meiji period, one of Japanese eras in modern age, later 19C to early 20C, it belonged to the Enkakuji Temple party of the Rinzaisyu Zen school.




On "the Sagami old local record," old men here called Tokeiji temple as Matuoka. And on the historical book named the Kamakura Magazine or the sight map published in Edo age, those names as Matugaoka, Matuoka Palace or Kamakura nunnery temple had been used. Same times, on other documents, the Matuogaoka palace temple, or the Kamakura palece temple were written, also there were many official documents written as same by the Tokugawa Edo government.  




 Since this temple excuted the unusual temple law and had operated like the court, we can suppose this temple was called with such unique name.


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