AR around you !

あなたの周りに AR (Augmented Reality:拡張現実)でもう一つの社会が潜んでいます。


AR Feature








In 2019, the Communication World will be tremendously changed with 5G technologies. That will give us a higher speed and we will get easy for Movies or Photos in an internet world. That is also a following wind for the Augmented Reality World.

AR will show the new world behind the real world by scanning Markers around you !

・Guide an inside of the town scanning a guide panel located at the gate of the town.

・Museum and witch Artworks will be showed up by scanning leaflets in an information bureau.

・Moving details of products will be showed up by scanning on a surface of its Brochure.

・Express a more detail of articles of a newspaper with a movie by scanning a photo.     

Those will be realized with a low cost. Many hidden world will be sank in a town and realized in the real world by Augmented Reality Technology.


Get ready for AR


Search "COCOAR2" on your smart phone and down load ICON as a upper photo into your smart phone.

All of photos on this brochure have been ARed. Try to scan them and find the AR possibility