A complex past, a creative future by AR.



AR Feature : What is AR (Augmented Reality)?

ARとはスマホで紙上のアナログ写真をスキャンして、動画や画像、Web Site、さらにはWebラジオや音声データなどデジタルデータを呼び出す技術です。デジタルデータは検索が容易ですが、肝心の検索肢を忘れると検索できません。データ量が多くなればなるほど難しさも増加します。それに反して、紙上の写真を見て欲しいデータをARで呼び出すことは簡単でストレスがありません。記念写真集を繰って思い出を呼び覚ますのに似ています。人は視覚や感覚からデータの存在を覚えているものなのです。ARで写真の背景に隠れている情報をすぐに、詳しく得てみましょう。

AR is expressing as an analog photograph on a paper will move at scanning on a surface of it with a smart phone. AR is the technology to fly from an analog photo to a digital data of video, photo, web site, and web radio,broadcasting. As you say, it's easy to search digital data, but if you forget the name of index, you can't do it inconveniently. Instead it's easy and stress free to search an object from an analog photo and to get a digital data. It seems to be easy as same as finding a photo on a photo book. It's easy for people to pick up data from the sense of sights or feelings. It's very useful to get information or more detailed data behind photo quickly. Please feel benefits of the AR technology through scanning real AR samples.



Search "COCOAR2" on your smart phone and down load ICON as a upper photo into your smart phone.

All of photos on this brochure have been ARed. Try to scan them and find the AR possibility   


App StoreでICONを取得する場合。

Google PlayでICONを取得する場合。