Cultural translation.  (Tea ceremony bowl)   :和文英訳

鼠志野茶碗 銘 峯紅葉



Nezumi Shino* Tea ceremony bowl,  named "Mine-no-momiji" ( Maple leaves on the hill)

*Nezumi Shino:  Shino is the name of a pottery made in the Mino region, one of the part of the current Gifu prefecture.

Nezumi Shino means a gray color Shino pottery. The Sino pottery is handed down that in the Muromachi age 16C, the tea master named Munenobu Shino had ordered some potter in the Mino province to make a pottery.


This Nezumi Shino was one kind of the Mino potteries and the shape was powerful and dignified, but according to its tactical forming, on hands you will feel lighter than looks. It was a one of selected Japanese tea ceremony bowl in the Momoyama age (next for the Muromachi age) in 16C. The name came from an imagination of a picture on this tea ceremony bowl. 

After putting an iron oxide glaze made by a limonite on a pottery dough,  geometric patterns like a turtle shell and mesh patterns had been torn off from a dough, then the Sino white glaze made by smashed feldspars was put over torn patterns to raise them as being white patterns. The old owner for this original one was the Kukis who was an eminent samurai family in an old warrior battle age in 16C.   (This picture of bowl is an imitation for a gift.)